Your Coffee Machine. Fixed Fast.

We will come and fix your machine, and get you serving again as soon as possible.

Coffee Machine Repairs

Your Coffee Machine is an Income stream..and when it’s broke, we fix it! Quickly.
We know how important your coffee machine is to your business, (we run a coffee shop too). And if something goes wrong:
● You are losing money.
● And disappointing your customers.
Which is why we repair virtually all types of machine*, quickly and with minimum fuss.
Getting you are back to making your customers happy, and to making money.
*Espresso, (Expresso!), Filter machines, Pod machines, one cup, multi cup, all types of coffee machines.

Coffee Machine Servicing

If your coffee’s quality might be going downhill and if your customers are ordering less, your machine is probably in need of a service.
Unserviced machines mean something will give, and go wrong sooner rather than later.
The performance and life of any machine is greatly improved by regular servicing.
When the machine is a front line money earner we believe it is good business sense to have regular maintenance done, including replacement of water softeners, to avoid any problems as much as it is possible.
Machines are easier and cheaper to fix before they go badly wrong. Please call.

For guaranteed Services call 01424 202 600


Loan Machine

A loan machine will be brought by the engineer if possible.
This is hardly ever needed, but we aim to get you serving coffee again asap.
(Loan machines are free to clients on our Service plans).


We aim to get all repairs done on the first visit if possible. Where this is not possible, due to added complications, severe wear and tear in more than one part, and having to wait for specialist parts etc. we will only charge the hourly rate for second and subsequent visits, (not the call out charge or extra mileage fee).


All repairs are guaranteed for both parts and labour for 3 months from the date of invoice.

Repair Request Form

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