La Nuova Era - Altea

La Nuova Era - Altea

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A model with a classic line, with a reference to the past but a with a gaze to the future, that has immediately found its place on the market. Today, years later, it continues to be appreciated all over the world.

1 group (30kg weight)
500*460*500h mm
2 groups (50kg weight)
700*500*500h mm
3 groups (70kg weight)
900*500*500h mm
compact 2 groups (40kg weight)
580*480*500h mm


Boiler 3.5 lt (1 gr) – 14 lt (2 gr) – 21 lt (3 gr)
Heating element: 2000W (1 gr) – 4500W (2 gr) – 6000W (3 gr)
230V in single-phase or 380V 3-phase
Incorporated rotatory motor pump
Steam and hot water
Antisuck-in valve
Boiler’s level at sight

Automatic boiler’s loading
Electronic control water level
Adjustable feet